Meet our Staff

Rev. Robert D. Lewis

Robert is a third-generation pastor in the Virginia United Methodist Annual Conference. Originally from Richmond, VA, he has lived in Tidewater, Norther Virginia, North Carolina’s Triangle Area, and overseas. Before being appointed to Hinton Avenue, Robert was serving as a British Methodist Minister in Sheffield, England, where he was Superintendent of the Sheffield (Ecclesall) Circuit , a grouping of eight churches in England’s third largest city.

In Charlottesville, Robert has become active in work for racial justice and reconciliation. He was a founding board member of Congregate C’ville and an active participant in the Charlottesville Clergy Collective.

Robert is a widower, having been married to Rachel nineteen years before she died of breast cancer. Though they had no children, Robert has been a faithful doggy daddy to Sassy, an opinionated German Pinscher mix. He’s also adoptive father to two cats, Steve and Shuri.

Robert loves science fiction and fantasy, comic books, films, photography and singing. He plays the djembe and one day will play the guitar…