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Sunday, September 12, 2021

A Celebration of Life Everlasting for John William Wilkinson

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An Important Word from our Pastor

Friends, we all hoped that pandemic safety measures would be able to quietly slip away, but we are seeing the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus rear its head anew.  Charlottesville has now been classified by the CDC as an area of substantial community transmission, and they advise us that even vaccinated people should mask indoors in public again.  I know I’ve gone back to wearing masks in stores this week and you may have too.


Given that, at church council last night we decided that we should ask everyone at church to return to wearing masks and social distancing on Sunday, whether vaccinated or not.  While disappointing, this precautionary step will show how we continue to love and protect everyone, and helps prevent vaccinated people from spreading the highly-contagious Delta variant unknowingly.  It will protect unvaccinated people in our community , especially children, who are at risk of catching the virus even from a vaccinated person who may show no symptoms. 

We will continue to monitor the rate of community transmission, and seek to rapidly respond with the appropriate actions.  Thank you for your cooperation and patience, and your continuing faithfulness as salt and light within our congregation and the community beyond.