Winter Study: Making Sense of the Bible

Making Sense of the Bible – Why do Christians disagree so much about what is right and wrong?  Who decided which books made it into scripture and why? What’s the best way to read the Bible and really understand what it says?  The world’s best selling, most-read, and most-loved book can also be one of the most confusing. 

In this discussion series, we will deepen our knowledge about scripture, answer many frequently asked questions, gain confidence in reading and interpreting the Bible, and grow in our faith.  Invite someone you know and love to share this journey with us so that they, too, can make better sense of God’s word for us today!

  • Jan 21 – Making Sense of the Old Testament
  • Jan 28 – Making Sense of the New Testament
  • Feb 4 – Questions about the Nature of Scripture
  • Feb 11 – The Bible and Science
  • Feb 18 – Violence, Suffering, and Other Troubling Issues
  • Feb 25 – Wrestling with Issues of Sexuality and Relationships

This series is based on the book Making Sense of the Bible by Rev. Adam Hamilton.  Join us for a book and sermon discussion each Friday at 10:45 via Zoom

or dial +1 301 715 8592
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and Passcode: 088741.