The church is NOT the building. WE are the church.

COVID-19 is forcing us to connect in new and transformative ways.

Our enforced physical separation is a challenge – especially for those of us with serious health concerns, those who are aged, and those who live alone.  Others may be experiencing acute anxiety because of insecure employment or fragile financial stability.  We all know and dearly love someone who is deeply impacted by the fear and uncertainty of these days.

Today, Governor Ralph Northam announced that in-person schooling would remain closed through the end of this academic year.  He instructed non-essential businesses to close and limited gatherings of people to 10 or less.  He emphasized the desire not to punish or restrict, but to keep us all safe.  It’s going to be challenging to work out this new normal which will last for at least the next thirty days, and perhaps far longer.

We ARE the Church

Even though we cannot gather, we remain the Body of Christ in and among the world.  We are called, as disciples of Jesus, to transform the world.  Our work continues.

It’s been important to make some long-overdue upgrades to our online presence and digital communications.  This is not to say that old fashioned ways of staying in touch fall by the wayside.  It’s more important than ever to remember our elderly friends and relatives and those who may not have access to technology with cards, letters, and calls.  You’ll be hearing more about how we can organize that this coming week.  For now, here are a few new things we are doing:

  • Posting ways to get involved and help our community on Facebook and our website
  • Forming a Facebook Group for church family concerns, discussion, and prayers
  • Streaming services of worship online from Facebook and our website
  • Creating digital meeting spaces through Zoom for choir, meetings, bible study, and prayer

This past week or more I’ve participated in a number of conference calls with other clergy in Charlottesville, United Methodist pastors on our District, and hundreds of faith leaders across the state of Virginia.  We are all working overtime to understand the needs and resources of this present moment and how best to keep us connected as a church with a mission in the world.

Connect US to OTHERS

Upgrading our email communication to MailChimp is one more way of seeking to be more effective and more efficient in keeping us in touch and engaged.  You are receiving this email because you’ve gotten church mailings in the past.  Would you pass this one to one other person who might benefit from being connected to our ministry?  Don’t forget to check out Facebook . Thank you for your faithfulness during these days and know that I am praying with and for you.  If I can be there for you in any way, or if you are aware of another’s need that I should know of, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Grace and peace,